Thursday, November 1, 2018

Introduction to Tikona Forum

Tikona forum is an online space where users can communicate with Tikona representatives, read reviews, feedback and announcements from the company and learn more about Tikona products and services. It is a platform for all users to connect with customer support and communicate with other users on the forum by joining discussions about various topics.
It is a great way to raise an inquiry about a service or learn about Tikona’s offers and internet plans. You can get access to posts covering issues faced by other users, and if you are facing similar issues you can get immediate answers by reading everyone’s comments.

Some features of the Tikona forum:

  • Testimonials – You can see what others have to say about our products and customer service and is a great way to hear about others experience using our internet connection and broadband plans.

  • Suggestions – In this section you can provide ideas and suggestions to help us improve our services and help us understand your specific needs.

  • Grievances and Resolutions–In this section you can reach out to us about any problems you are facing with your internet connection and we will try and help you direct your problem to the concerned department and help you resolve it as soon as possible.

  • Do-It-Yourself – This section has informative posts providing tips on how to get the most out of your Tikona connection and gives you easy solutions for common problems like password reset link, easy steps for updating your account, how to improve speed performance, etc. Other topics covered are – How to configure your Wi-Fi router, How to pay, How to configure your mobile device, and How to get support.

  • Media Centre and Awards–Here you can get access to all the media mentions for Tikona and read articles that have been published on various sites. The award section covers all the different awards earned by Tikona and the Tikona team members over the years in many different categories and fields. 

  • Tech Talk – All technical topics and queries can be discussed under this section. Articles about topics related to speed, wireless network security, common queries of Outlook email sending issue and many more are found here. 

  • Products and Services section for Homes, SMEs and Enterprises–These are 3 separate section under the ‘Product and Services’ main section. Depending on whether you are using Tikona for your home or office you can access the individual section and read more about the specific topics that will help you improve your experience using the internet connection

  • Option of filtering out and viewing only ‘Active Topics’ or ‘Unanswered posts’ at a time – if you are looking for replies by other users or Tikona administrators on different discussions then you can use the filter and opt to view only the ‘active topics’ to read conversations. Similarly, if you want to read discussions that do not have replies or are not conversations, you can select the option of viewing only the articles that are marked ‘unanswered posts’. You can make the selection on the top left corner of the home (Board index) page of the forum, immediately above the ‘Review and Testimonials’ section. 

  • FAQ section- The Tikona forum has an extensive FAQ page that covers detailed questions on important topics related to the Forum. This ensures that commonly asked questions are alreadyanswered so that you don’t have to wait to get a reply from a Tikona representative. All possible questions about using the Tikona forum are made available to you to make your experience a pleasant one. The FAQ section is on the top right corner of the home page. 

How can the Tikona forum benefit users?
The Tikona forum is like an online community which brings users together on this platform to discuss topics that may be relevant to them. If you cannot find the thread related to issues you are facing with regards to your online account or your Wi-Fi router, you can ask on the forum. There are rules for posting on the forum to regulate the kind of content that goes on. This is to ensure that no abusive or offensive content of any kind is posted. You can register and log in to post on the forum.
Tikona Broadband forum is a great online space to learn about our products and services and get answers to commonly asked questions about your internet connections. You can check out our forum at and also check out our website to get details about our broadband plans and services.

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