Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Internet saves the day! Notable cases in India

Just like how the internet helps us make our lives easier in our work place and helps us be in touch with our friends and family across the world, it also helps us in times of emergencies and crisis.
People use their phones or computers and laptops at least once or twice a day to check on their social media read about what is happening around them. People in India have time and again come together on the internet to help those in need during trying times.

Below are a few ways the internet came to the rescue of people in India:

·         The most recent case is the Kerala floods in India that took place in August, 2018. Once people got to know about the floods and the massive destruction that took place in Kerala they took to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to help collect any kind of donations to be sent to Kerala. People donated food, supplies and even money through online resources. Amazon India and Zomato were a few of the companies that allowed people to donate meals and supplies via their websites. Google built a database where in you could search for people who were affected and have gone missing since the floods.

·         Another interesting case is when an Indian engineering student helped saved a man’s life on an airplane thanks to the available Wi-Fi on the flight. An IIT engineering student named Karttikeya Mangalam found out that a Dutch passenger in the flight he was travelling in had forgotten his insulin pump and as a result his blood sugar levels were rising. There was a doctor present on the flight who had his personal pump and offered to use it to help the other passenger take his insulin shot. However, the insulin-pen that the doctor had did not fit the insulin cartridges of the passenger. Karttikeya offered to help by looking up a diagram of an insulin-pen online thanks to internet wi-fi available on the plane. He was able to use a pen spring to help the doctor administer the insulin to the passenger and save his life.

·          Humans of Bombay is an online blog that talks to people about their life stories that they would want to share with others. A lot of times the page has collected money from its viewers in forms of donations to help people in need. They share their stories on their page and have positively impacted a lot of people in need.

·         A lot of people empathize with others when they read their story or see the hardships they are going through but not everyone is willing to or is capable of donating money online to help those in need. Impact Guru motivates people to share posts regarding health issues and other such issues to increase the reach of the online posts on social media and to increase awareness among the people. Impact Guru has an initiative called ‘SMILE’ in which when a post gets 500 shares they slash their commission by 5%. Following this a lot of companies have started doing the same. They donate a certain amount to a charity or cause they want to support once the social media posts get a particular number of ‘likes’ and shares.

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