Friday, December 29, 2017

Why Wi-Fi Is Needed in Schools?

Since the past few years, there have been raging debates regarding the installation of Wi-Fi in schools. Many of the anti-Wi-Fi advocates suggest that Wi-Fi should only be used for alternative internet access. However, the reality is that the latest generation smartphones, tablets and laptops don’t come with a separate port for a physical network connection. Hence the unavailability of Wi-Fi prevents a whole generation of technology from being used in classrooms. This is an avenue that teachers could utilise as the new generation devices such as laptops are more convenient for them as opposed to traditional computers. Moreover, the utility of Wi-Fi is not just limited to shiny new gadgets, it also enhances the teaching and learning experience. The teaching environment in a school using a laptop and a projector and Wi-Fi connectivity is a whole different experience for both teachers and students. Here’s why Wi-Fi should be installed in schools: -
  1. With wired connections, the access to internet is constrained to a certain physical location or area. In most of the schools, children are able to access the internet only at computer labs. Hence the online learning resources is restricted to the computer lab
  2. If Wi-Fi is available in the classrooms, new and effective learning practices can be adopted as internet becomes ubiquitous. With unlimited internet access teachers can use a variety of resources instantly and provide a comprehensive learning experience for the students
  3. With Wi-Fi enabled classroom, students can use school provided laptops for their projects any time they wish, without having to move to a computer lab for every minor task
  4. With each passing year, it’s been observed that more and more teachers are using internet-enabled devices to teach the children. According to government statistics around 73% of teachers are using mobile devices to aid teaching and learning. However, without Wi-Fi, it’s not possible to use mobile devices for teaching
  5. While the wired network was perfect for the old times, it is not adequate for contemporary teaching. Hence, Wi-Fi has become a necessity in the schools so that new and effective learning methods can be adopted for teaching and learning.

Leading internet providers in India such as Tikona Infinet Private Limited offers broadband services for all kinds of users. They are known to provide internet services to various educational institutes as well as business setups. The services provided by Tikona include secured Wi-Fi solutions for all types of businesses so that everyone can access the Internet on smart devices as well as keep confidential information protected from hackers. The best part about choosing Tikona Broadband is that it gives twice the coverage in comparison to a standard Wi-Fi network. The company also ensures quick installation with the internet plans being activated within 24 hours.

Other benefits of using Tikona are-
  • ·         Almost 100 percent uptime through Link Failover
  • ·         Media diversity over wireless last mile
  • ·         Effective bandwidth utilization through load balancing

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