Monday, December 4, 2017

Advantages of Leased Line Internet Connection

Leased line connections are quite common these days. While a broadband connection is great for home use, but when it comes to large-scale use in professional organizations such as colleges and offices, satisfying all the requirements becomes an issue. That’s where leased line internet connection comes into the picture. Leased line connections are the most preferred way of internet connectivity for large-scale data consumption. This connection offers seamless internet connectivity and high speeds even if the data consumption is very high. They are able to bear a heavy load as it uses a dedicated internet line which offers exclusive connectivity. A private connection is established by connecting the nearest internet nodal point near your premises with a dedicated optical fiber cable, copper line or a radio cable. Following points highlight why they are the most appropriate alternative for businesses-

Symmetric Connectivity

Leased line internet offers symmetric connectivity i.e. the speed of uploads and downloads will be same. The inconsistency of the download and upload speeds can critically affect vital business activities such as sharing files between two branches, hosting websites/mail servers, video conferencing etc.

Dedicated Connection

The internet speeds in a leased line connection are not affected by the internet traffic. If you have a leased line connection of 4mbps, you can enjoy the same speeds at all times. This is a huge advantage since in office spaces, there are bound to be multiple users at all times.

More Reliable

In case of leased line connections, the network parameters such as latency, jitter etc. can be monitored easily. As a result it becomes easier to offer SLA (Service Level Agreements) to the customer. This makes this type of internet connections more reliable.

Higher bandwidth

Leased line connections offer quite higher ranges of bandwidth. You can enjoy internet speeds more than 8 Mbps with leased line connections. Hence it is the most preferred mode of internet connection for large organizations with heavy internet usage.

Unlimited Usage

Leased line connections are generally offered under unlimited plans. Hence your business can add services such as video voice. This makes it incredibly useful for work purposes.
 As you can see, leased line internet offers varied benefits. You could enhance your business productivity with a highly efficient leased line internet connection. Tikona Infinet Private Limited exclusively offers leased line internet connection. What’s more, the pricing of those plans are competitive to the ones for the broadband plans, with the extra added benefits such as unlimited internet! As per the Tikona reviews of several subscribers, they offer leased line connection without causing any disruptions to your existing network. There are varied benefits of using their leased line services, few of which are-
  • Almost 100 percent uptime through Link Failover
  • Media diversity over wireless last mile
  • Effective bandwidth utilization through load balancing

So if you are considering getting yourself a good connection for your business purposes, this is a good and sensible choice to opt for.

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