Thursday, July 13, 2017

An In Depth Tikona Review of 4 Mbps Broadband Plan by a College Professor

Name: Uttam Jha
Age: 33 years
Location: Thane West, Mumbai
Occupation: College Professor

I am a college professor and like to help my students understand all kinds of complex topics. To do this, I tend to use videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other audio-visual material. I also research thoroughly on the subject that I teach in class. However, to do this, I needed a fast and smooth broadband connection. A slow internet connection would only take a lot of time to load videos and download them.

The internet connection I had would sometimes stop working in the middle of my work. This would not only delay my preparation time but also spoil the quality of videos I had to download to show the class. I started wondering whether I should leave my current internet service provider for a new and better one.

How I came to know about Tikona?

Once during the lunch break, I was discussing my internet issue with a few other friends. A couple of them suggested that I try Tikona since they also had it and were very happy with its service. So, I decided to go online and read some Tikona broadband reviews. I found most of them favorable. I also liked the plans it offered on its website. Since I was already looking for a new service provider and found Tikona’s reviews and plans good, I decided to go for it.

Tikona plan I selected

I decided to opt for Tikona’s 4 Mbps broadband plan. The plan had a download speed of 4 Mbps. It provides a wireless network connection and also had unlimited data, so I did not have to keep looking at the number of MBs used per day. The plan cost me INR 3,800 for every three months. I found this incredibly convenient as I did not have to bother to pay my internet bill every month. The fact that I had to pay INR 3,800 for unlimited data also made it budget-friendly. My kids who had heard good reviews for Tikona Infinite Limited from their friends were also happy that I switched to Tikona broadband as they could now work on their projects smoothly. I found that the plan easily matched all my needs. 

How was Tikona connection installed?

Tikona’s installation process was very fast. I had contacted the company via its website after browsing through all the plans and finally selecting one. It took one evening to set up and install the entire infrastructure needed. There were two routers installed. The first one was installed on the terrace. From there, a cable was used to connect the one on the terrace to the second one that was installed at home. Since then, I have been able to access the Tikona broadband service on any device with Wi-Fi.

My final review and rating

I have been using Tikona’s internet service since the past six months. I haven’t yet found any problems with it. I just paid the subscription amount for the next three months.
As per my Tikona review, the internet connection is really smooth. It is always fast and till now it has never been down. If you want fast internet with just about no down time, I would definitely recommend Tikona.

Installation service: 8/10
Equipment: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Connectivity: 10/10
Customer service: 8/10
My overall rating: 8/10


  1. this 4 mbps tikona broadband review really is quite interesting. it is very specific and i like how every aspect of installation is provided for the reader's understanding.

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  8. Thank you Uttam, for sharing such an in depth review about tikona broadband. i just have one question; is 2 mbps tikona internet plan good enough to stream videos?

    1. Yes, this plan would suit your video streaming requirements.

  9. Hey this is quite an interesting review about tikona and its broadband services. I just have one small question; is it feasible to get this plan if your main requirements are just for browsing the net?

    1. Hello Shivani, thank you sharing your feedback. Yes this is a very good tikona internet plan and suits your needs perfectly.

  10. This is an interesting blog about Tikona, especially the way the specifics are highlighted.

  11. I thought this was a very good blog, or I should say, more of a kind of a Tikona review story, detailing every small aspect of installation and experience using it. Would just like to know if the internet connection stays the same and doesn't drop off?

    1. Yes sir, I have been using this internet connection for quite a while and it has given me no major problem.