Thursday, February 11, 2016

4 Upcoming Digital Trends in 2016

The year 2016 will be a significant year for the digital world. Many companies are gearing up to enhance their businesses this year and an increasing number of them are embracing digital technology.
There will be a number of trends witnessed this year. Some of the digital trends to be seen in 2016 are:
Enhanced Analysis:
With the increase in the use of internet and online shopping, eminent companies will be able to track their customers better. They will analyze the details of their last purchases, and interests, among other things. They will track their experiences and feedback. Additionally, they will also invest in consultants to offer efficient solutions for each customer.
Increased penetration in the usage of smart phones:
The past year has already witnessed a boom in the usage of smartphones and this is only going to grow. It will help in enhancing relationships, developing innovations, and boosting brand integration. Additionally, wearable technology and search enhancements will further enhance connectivity in the mobile world.  
Video marketing:
Around 74% of the internet traffic is driven by videos. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others are making heavy investments in video content and making the platform user-friendly. Videos are a popular medium for marketing and tutorials over smartphones. Many companies will turn to this medium as an ideal way to reach out to the appropriate target audience.
Virtual reality:
Virtual reality will get a huge push this year. The virtual reality concept is a great strategy to attract customers. It offers convenience to both parties. It is the perfect way to amaze customers through innovations. The recently introduced virtual reality headsets have become a huge craze. The virtual reality applications will push marketing activities and will also be helpful in therapy, online shopping, training simulations, and cloud networks.
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