Thursday, January 7, 2016

How the Internet Transformed Our World

In the last decade, internet services have expanded phenomenally, transforming the way we live. This has made everyday tasks simpler and it has also given us access to a whole new world of information and services. Most importantly the internet has revolutionizedthe way we communicate.

Language on the Internet
The language and vocabulary used today has different connotations and online services have given rise to new words and phrases. Today, words like wall, status, and tweet have a specific meaning in the digital world. New slang, phrases, and abbreviations are part of our day-to-day communication.
The internet has introduced new words to our vocabulary, such as trolling and derping, among others. Abbreviations like OMG, LOL and ROFL are widely popular in internet slang.

The internet has its own language, often aimed at younger audiences and users with a short attention span. The language in content aimed at such audiences is therefore concise and filled with abbreviations and memes. One of the best examples of concise writing is evident from Twitter, wherein users need to express themselves in 140 characters. 

Articles on the web are usually less than 800 words on an average. This lets the reader quickly skim through the content. Bullet points and sub-headings are used for enhanced convenience. Readers nowadays look for shorter and simpler options. Messages and phrases are also shortened. This has created a language of itself. For instance, ‘atb’ is used for ‘all the best’ and ‘ttyl’ for ‘talk to you later.’

Ease of Communication

Communicating from one place to another has become quick and easy. Distance doesn’t matter anymore. You may communicate in real time, with people in any corner of the world. Technology that enables video calls gives one a feeling of personal communication. Visual presence offers improved interaction.

In what seems like another lifetime, postal mail could take weeks to reach a recipient. Now, e-mails can reach their target instantly. International calls used to be very expensive, but this is no longer the case, with the internet and online messaging applications like Skype, Viber, Jio Chat, and WhatsApp making this easy and affordable. This boosts everyday communication. Connecting with old friends and colleagues is now simple and convenient. Global communication has also become very fast and it’s also possible to communicate with greater audiences in no time at all.

Businesses are streamlined, organized and have improved logistics. Conducting conferences and brainstorming sessions has also become simpler. There are varied platforms for different needs. Facebook is for personal needs, LinkedIn for professional needs, Reddit for mixed conversations, and Twitter for brief communication. This also lowers the price of communication as most of these platforms are free of cost.

With so many benefits offered from the internet, its usage is increasing rapidly. Not surprisingly, the increased penetration is transforming lives across India. Tikona Digital Networks, as an internet service provider, is helping people transform lives with its dynamic broadband plans and 4G serviceswhich is slated to release in 2016.


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