Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tikona Caters to Internet Needs of the SME sector

An Overview of the SME Sector
Over the last five decades, the Indian Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector has grown to a large extent and is considered a dynamic unit of the Indian economy. With constant expansion in this sector, several corporate functions are dependent on the Internet and its services.

·         India has 48 Million SMEs, the 2nd largest in the world after China with 50 Million
·         40% of Indian workforce belongs to the SME sector
·         It plays an important role in generation of employment, specially for low-skilled workers

However, SME’s have low levels of performance because of poor adoption of technology.
Internet and adequate knowledge in the field of technology plays an important part in the functioning of SMEs
Following are the benefits that Internet services provide to SMEs
·         In this digital era, an online presence is vital for an SME and provides twice as much growth as compared to an SME with no presence.
·         Post-Its, white boards and papers take a back seat while the inception of start ups depend on digitalized functions.
·         Business operations such as recruitment, client interactions, data storage and social network presence take place online

This digital revolution has brought about a change in how business is conducted and has also brought about significant increase in the amount of Internet users and mobile users per device.
As per studies, by 2016, almost half the population of the world will utilize the Internet.
Therefore, following are the things SMEs need to do to stay up-to-date with market standards:
·         Survival in competitive environment
·         Catch up with Internet-driven market place
·         Increase visibility and presence
·         Focus on retention and valuable customer service
·         Increase levels of productivity and performance

Internet services are a weapon to all the SMEs in this dynamic economy.  Here are certain characteristics of the Internet that prove valuable for this sector:
·         Online marketing of services and products
·         Online transactions and marketing for online businesses
·         Direct interaction with customers and suppliers
·         Online Presence: Enterprise website and social networks

Tikona Broadband, partners with SMEs delivering seamless connections and proficient quality of service for smooth functioning.  A variety of packages and plans are created to suit the needs of SMEs, whether over 100 or 50 in number.

Following are the various plans for SMEs:
Speed Multiplier Plans for Small/Home Offices
Bonus speed during office hours – 8 am to 8 pm/ Unlimited Usage
Rental Charges**
Download Speed (8am to 8pm)
4 Mbps
2 Mbps
1 Mbps
4 Mbps
2 Mbps
1 Mbps
Download Speed (8am to 8pm)
512 Kbps
512 Kbps
512 Kbps
512 Kbps
512 Kbps
512 Kbps
Installation Charges (Rs)**
Subscription Amount(Rs)*
Plan Name

10-25 Mbps Enterprise Plans:
Plan Name
Primary Download Speed
25 Mbps
10 Mbps
15 Mbps
15 Mbps
Usage available @Primary download speed(GBs)
Secondary Download Speed
2 Mbps
1 Mbps
2 Mbps
4 Mbps
Upload Speed (Primary & Secondary)
2 Mbps
1 Mbps
2 Mbps
4 Mbps
Monthly plan rental (Rs)
Installation charges (Rs) **
Subscription Amount for New Installs (Monthly Plan rental+ Installation charges + Service tax) (Rs)

ENT25M_AP is exclusively applicable for the AP circle.
ENTBB3000/ENTBB6500/ENTBB10000 is applicable for all circles except AP,

Tikona’s Services:
Tikona’s broadband plans and packages are of excellent quality and offer great connectivity, which suits the needs of growing SMEs.
Benefits of Tikona broadband:
·         Leased Line Internet Connection that provides 100% uptime in office
·         Secured Office Wi-Fi Connection
·         Secured Boardroom Internet
·         Tikona’s Cloud HD Video Conferencing
In addition to its valuable customer service, the Internet service provider also offers a Tikona Speed Test, which evaluates the speed of your connection.

Tikona provides SMEs with smooth Internet services and uninterrupted connectivity. To avail these services and find out more about additional information, contact Tikonacare on 1-800-20-94276 or write to customercare@tikona.in

Monday, June 6, 2016

Chrome Hacks you Need to Know

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. It has become a favorite with most internet users because of its easy-to-use interface and low resource consumption. However, there is a lot more to Chrome that can give you an even better experience.

Chrome has many features that will make tasks simple and efficient. These features allow you to enjoy a personalized and superior internet experience. 

Here are some Chrome hacks that you need to know:

  • You need not search for a recently received coupon code. Use the special Honey button on Chrome to get the codes and learn about sales when searching online.
  • Get any word or phrase translated in your preferred language using the Language Immersion option. 
  • The Panic button helps you to close all your tabs with just one click. This will save you whenever anyone comes near your laptop or desktop.
  • Get notified when you receive a new mail, even while you are on some other tab with the Google Mail Checker.
  • Use AdBlock extension to block unwanted ads and banners on your screen. You may also select the websites whose ads you want.
  • OneTab lists all of your open tabs. The list helps you to manage them and keep a track.
  • If you get distracted during your work with other sites, use Simple Blocker. Select the duration for which you need to block access to selected domains.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop will let you access other computers from your device. It offers convenience to use office files while working from home.
  • Drag and drop an image to the search bar and you will get results suggesting similar images, and location of the picture, among others.
  • Use Chrome to Mobile and replicate your desktop to your mobile phone.
  • With MightyText, you need not switch between the keyboard and mobile to work and chat simultaneously. 
  • Use Grammarly to ensure whatever you type is grammatically correct.
  • Save time with TLDR that summarizes the entire webpage in a small box.
  • Use Sidenotes to create notes while surfing, without the need to change tabs.
  • Press Spacebar when the internet is down and enjoy the Dino Run game.
  • Create a secured password by typing ‘chrome://flags/#enable-password-generation’ in the URL tab.
  • If some pages on the browser are slow to load, shut it from the task manager.
  • Let Chrome reduce data usage on your mobile by enabling the option in data settings. 

These points have been suggested by Tikona Digital Networks. The Mumbai-based company is known for providing secured wireless broadband connections. Tikona broadband is offered in 25 cities of India. It is known for its high-speed and efficient service. 
To view the full presentation, visit http://www.slideshare.net/TikonaIndia/chrome-hacks-you-can-nail

Monday, May 16, 2016

Enjoy Internet Surfing with Tikona Broadband

Tikona broadband offers one of the best broadband services in Bangalore. I have had both good and bad experiences with several service providers, and I have listed a few reasons to justify this statement.

1.    Quick Activation:
Activating the Tikona service takes just a couple of days, once you complete the process of subscription with registration and payment.

2.    Maintenance Downtime:
There is rarely any down-time, even for maintenance. The company informs in advance when this is done. On most occasions, the network is down late in the night between 12 am and 3 am, so that work is not interrupted. 

3.    Customer Support:
Tikona has an excellent customer support system. The executives at the customer care center give correct and prompt responses. The technicians are also skilled. I got my issue resolved with an hour by Tikona.

4.    High-speed and Consistent Network:
Tikona offers high-speed broadband service. It delivers the speed as promised. To my surprise, at times, the speed becomes faster than what the plan promises. The network is also stable, reliable, and consistent.

5.    Wired or Wi-Fi Connection:
With Tikona, you get to choose between wired and Wi-Fi modem as per your convenience. The Tikona modem is affordable, but looks attractive. It has a number of configurations and security options. In addition to these, the signal quality is also good.

6.    Efficient Website:
Tikona offers a full-featured website. It lets you pay the bill conveniently online, without having to leave your home or office. You can create your account and get in touch with the company if you need any changes in your internet plan. Users also have the option of sharing feedback. In addition to these features, the company has created an interface, where you can keep a check on your data usage.

About Tikona
Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) offers excellent broadband services to homes and offices in 25 cities of the country. The internet service provider was founded in 2008 by experts from the telecom industry. The company has set up the biggest outdoor Wi-Fi network in the world, which is established using eco-friendly small cell technologies. Tikona has also won Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 4G spectrum in 5 telecom circles of the country. These are Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh (East), and Uttar Pradesh (West).
If you want to enjoy surfing on the internet, then opt for Tikona broadband, today.   

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Benefits of Tikona Broadband Service

I have used services of a number of telecom operators in the past. For the last 6 months, I have been using Tikona broadband service. Comparing it with others, I have found the service to be smoother and more reliable. I enjoy a good speed while streaming online videos.

Benefits of Tikona Service

I have noticed that the service from Tikona is superior to other telecom operators in the area. Here are some of the benefits I enjoy as a Tikona subscriber:
  • Installation and establishing the Tikona service at home or office requires minimal equipment and nominal wiring.
  • Tikona uses high-quality routers.
  • Tariff plans of Tikona are cheaper when compared with other major broadband companies.
  • There is a wide variety of bestselling high-speed plans.
  • The plans deliver the speeds as promised.
  • In case of the rare occurrence of an issue, assistance from Tikona is provided in no time at all.

I appreciate the efforts of the Tikona team in delivering seamless service. I hope that my review will help you enjoy the benefits of this efficient service.

About Tikona

If you want to learn more about the company, here are some details.
Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) was founded in 2008 in Mumbai. The company has now become one of the leading broadband service providers in India. It is setting up next generation wireless broadband service for its customers. It delivers high-speed services to homes and offices in more than 25 cities of the country.

Tikona has set up the largest outdoor Wi-Fi network in the world. It was built using eco-friendly small cell technologies. The company has acquired Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) 4G spectrum in 5 regions in India. It will soon cover a population 300 million with its 4G service in these 5 circles. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recognize the Different Mobile Internet Standards

There are a number of standard terms used for the internet and mobile network technology. These terms specify the features of the service and technology used.
With the rapid pace of digitization, most internet users do not understand the meaning of these terms. This makes them vulnerable to unscrupulous marketers who use vague terminology and jargon to trick consumers. For this reason, internet users should be better informed about the standard terms used in mobile and internet technology. This will help to choose the most suitable service.
Most used radio standards in the mobile world are Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). CDMA is more popular in the United States, while GSM is widely used in European and Asian countries. Most telecom companies based out of the United States roll out their networks on the GSM technology. This is why you will find more GSM phones in the market compared to CDMA phones.

Generations of Mobile Network Technologies

Mobile network technologies have evolving generations. G stands for generation in 2G, 3G, and 4G. The new generation is the advanced version of the previous one. 1G was an inefficient analog technology.

The first digital mobile network technology was 2G. 2G made mobile internet efficient and accessible. 3G technology brought wider access to high-speed broadband internet. Video streaming and video calling became possible with the 3G mobile network.

4G is the latest mobile wireless technology that delivers the best speeds till date. It makes watching High-Definition (HD) movies, TV shows, cloud computing and other such activities possible. 4G is deployed using Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) technologies. 4G networks offer high speeds of up to 1 Gbps for stationary wireless access.
Speed Standards
When specifying the speed of the internet connection, you need to know that B is different from b. B stands for byte and b stands for bit. 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. For instance, the download speed of 1 Mbps is equal to 1024 Kbps or 128 KBps.
Tikona DigitalNetworks is one of the leading broadband internet service providers in India. Founded by industry veterans in 2008, the company deploys its services in 25 cities of the country. The Mumbai-based company is known for its high-speed and efficient service.

To find the best possible service in your area, look through the various Tikona broadband plans. The customer-centric company provides secured wireless broadband services to homes and offices. It is presently establishing the largest outdoor Wi-Fi network in the world, with the use of eco-friendly small cell technologies. Consumers can also look forward to Tikona 4G services, which will be rolling out this year.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

4 Upcoming Digital Trends in 2016

The year 2016 will be a significant year for the digital world. Many companies are gearing up to enhance their businesses this year and an increasing number of them are embracing digital technology.
There will be a number of trends witnessed this year. Some of the digital trends to be seen in 2016 are:
Enhanced Analysis:
With the increase in the use of internet and online shopping, eminent companies will be able to track their customers better. They will analyze the details of their last purchases, and interests, among other things. They will track their experiences and feedback. Additionally, they will also invest in consultants to offer efficient solutions for each customer.
Increased penetration in the usage of smart phones:
The past year has already witnessed a boom in the usage of smartphones and this is only going to grow. It will help in enhancing relationships, developing innovations, and boosting brand integration. Additionally, wearable technology and search enhancements will further enhance connectivity in the mobile world.  
Video marketing:
Around 74% of the internet traffic is driven by videos. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others are making heavy investments in video content and making the platform user-friendly. Videos are a popular medium for marketing and tutorials over smartphones. Many companies will turn to this medium as an ideal way to reach out to the appropriate target audience.
Virtual reality:
Virtual reality will get a huge push this year. The virtual reality concept is a great strategy to attract customers. It offers convenience to both parties. It is the perfect way to amaze customers through innovations. The recently introduced virtual reality headsets have become a huge craze. The virtual reality applications will push marketing activities and will also be helpful in therapy, online shopping, training simulations, and cloud networks.
The digital world is constantly updated with newer technologies. Companies and consumers alike are gearing up for the latest trends. Mumbai-based TikonaDigital Networks offers broadband services across 25 cities in the country. A Tikona broadband review states that the company excels in providing next-generation services to subscribers. Its new focus is on Long-Term Evolution (LTE) based 4G services.
The company is known for its high-speed service and affordable rates. It will offer 4G services at a price as low as 2 paise to 5 paise per MB. It deploys Wi-Fi services with a speed up to 6 Mbps at the same rates. Moreover, the company is also known for its prompt customer service, a fact that becomes quite obvious from the positive Tikonareviews.   

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Choosing the Best Internet Service Provider

India has a number of internet service providers (ISPs). Choosing a good ISP is very important as this can drastically alter your online experience. Poor quality connections can greatly impact the quality of service and limit your internet usage. 

The following are some of the criteria based on which you will be able to choose the best ISP for you:

Service: Broadband service is of various types, such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), satellite, fiber optic, and cable. DSL usually offers a speed of up to 25 Mbps, cable offers download speeds from 3 Mbps to 100 Mbps, satellite offers speeds up to 15 Mbps, while fiber optic offers the highest speed of up to 300 Mbps. Depending on your requirement, opt for a suitable service. The services and performance may vary depending on the ISP and the area.

Speed: Speed is important for convenience and functionality, when using internet. Check the speed your ISP is offering along with the service. See both download as well as upload speeds. You may visit speedtest.net to get a better idea.

Tariff: Check the tariff plans from the ISP. Compare the prices of the service, considering the speed and usage limits. Check the price for modem and installation charges. See what discounts or offers the company is providing. It may also give you some add-ons or special features. Additionally, do not forget to check the price you will be charged, once the usage limit is exceeded.

Service limitations: Check the service limitations carefully. There may be some restrictions on surfing, data caps, or change of speed after a certain period. These limitations will obstruct your connectivity. Ensure that your ISP doesn’t have such restrictions.

Reliability: The ISP should be reliable. Special features and cheap rates will be of no use if the connection is not stable. Check the testimonials and reviews about the ISP. You may also check their rankings on authentic websites.

Approach towards customer: The ISP should excel in customer service. Technicians at the company should be available and ready to help customers, when needed. They should be able to resolve issues at the earliest. Ask other customers for advice and get a feedback on the ISP.

Tikona is one of the leading ISPs, offering the best services at the amazing rates. The company is known for its high-speed broadband service. It provides seamless wireless broadband services and serves 2.75 lakh happy customers, in 25 cities across the country. Tikona broadband reviews will give you a better insight into the high quality service they offer