Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tikona Offers the Perfect Office WiFi Setup

Selecting the right Wi-Fi setup for your office is very important, as almost all official and business transactions are now dependent on seamless connectivity. Here are some things to check while buying an office WiFi router:

1.       Choose the Type:
You need to buy a router based on the type of internet connection you have. If your internet provider is a national telecom operator like MTNL or BSNL, then you will require a DSL router. On the other hand, players like Tikona require a regular Wi-Fi router. Additionally, you may use a router that enables sharing storage and printer access, among other things.

2.       Opt for the New Standard:
Choose routers that support the 802.11ac standard. This type of router offers three times higher speeds than the traditional 802.11n. By using the less crowded 5GHz frequency band, such routers provide enhanced performance. They are backward compatible, even allowing old devices to connect efficiently.

You may also opt for a router that supports dual-band frequencies. For instance, your smartphones, tablets, and laptops may operate on 5GHz band, while other devices like cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, and microwave ovens may run on the traditional 2.4 GHz frequency band.

3.       USB Router:
Buy a router that has a USB port. This will enable you to connect flash drives or other devices over the network. Sharing data on a wireless network in the absence of internet connectivity can be especially useful in small offices. Additionally, some routers may also support dongles as a backup option when your server is down.

4.       Antennas:
Choose a router that has external antennas. They enhance the connectivity and extend the range. Such routers also help in offering seamless service across office partitions like walls, cubicles, or doors.

Tikona’s Office Wi-Fi

A great router is of little use if you do not have a good internet service provider. Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Networks offers safe and secure connections for offices, which ensures you have high-speed internet access and reliable security. Tikona’s office Wi-Fi solutions offer much better coverage with twice as many access points as standard routers. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that Tikona uses WPA2 Enterprise to secure your network.

Tikona also provides services like secured boardroom internet, cloud high-definition video conferencing, leased line internet connections, and value internet leased line for businesses. 

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