Friday, April 17, 2015

Speed Boost Vouchers – A Little Extra

We live in a world where internet access is a necessity. We often feel the need to get just that little bit extra from our internet plans. But the sad reality is that most of times, we would need to upgrade the entire plan or change a lot of things to achieve this. Sensing the demand for such a particular type of offering, Tikona has come out with two ‘Speed Boost Voucher’add-ons.

What these vouchers enable a user to do is activate a higher speed broadband connection on demand while continuing with your current plan. So, if your current download speed has been throttled after crossing your FUP limit or you are in a situation where your current broadband plan is falling short for your surfing requirements, you can boost your plan with this voucher and get faster connectivity without the hassles of changing your broadband plan.

The best part about something like this is that it gives you an additional avenue to take advantage of a Tikona Internet Plan. Check out the details of two booster packs available below:

Voucher Name
Bundled Usage (MBs)
Validity (Days)

As you can see, both the plans offer a speed of 4MBPS. The one and two day plans offer a download limit of 1GB and 3GB respectively. At a reasonable price, you can ensure that your internet access is not hampered in any way.  

How you stand to benefit from this

The first and foremost benefit is that you, as a user can avail for a day or two worth of high speed internet if you need it. The other great thing is that you can avail of this quite easily: Just log into your account at Tikona’s website and with few clicks, you’ll have bought a speed booster voucher.

Think of the times when you’ve wanted something extra from your broadband plan, or those times when you’ve been in need of more downloading bandwidth for something critical. Tikona has got you covered with the speed boost vouchers.

For more information, please check out this presentation.