Friday, April 17, 2015

Speed Boost Vouchers – A Little Extra

We live in a world where internet access is a necessity. We often feel the need to get just that little bit extra from our internet plans. But the sad reality is that most of times, we would need to upgrade the entire plan or change a lot of things to achieve this. Sensing the demand for such a particular type of offering, Tikona has come out with two ‘Speed Boost Voucher’add-ons.

What these vouchers enable a user to do is activate a higher speed broadband connection on demand while continuing with your current plan. So, if your current download speed has been throttled after crossing your FUP limit or you are in a situation where your current broadband plan is falling short for your surfing requirements, you can boost your plan with this voucher and get faster connectivity without the hassles of changing your broadband plan.

The best part about something like this is that it gives you an additional avenue to take advantage of a Tikona Internet Plan. Check out the details of two booster packs available below:

Voucher Name
Bundled Usage (MBs)
Validity (Days)

As you can see, both the plans offer a speed of 4MBPS. The one and two day plans offer a download limit of 1GB and 3GB respectively. At a reasonable price, you can ensure that your internet access is not hampered in any way.  

How you stand to benefit from this

The first and foremost benefit is that you, as a user can avail for a day or two worth of high speed internet if you need it. The other great thing is that you can avail of this quite easily: Just log into your account at Tikona’s website and with few clicks, you’ll have bought a speed booster voucher.

Think of the times when you’ve wanted something extra from your broadband plan, or those times when you’ve been in need of more downloading bandwidth for something critical. Tikona has got you covered with the speed boost vouchers.

For more information, please check out this presentation. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Furiously Fast: India’s 4G future

If you thought that 3G was faster, then let me introduce you to 4G. This new kid on the block makes 3G look like a whining kid crying for a candy. If you don’t believe the statement, then the statistics will definitely change your mind, 4G is five times faster than 3G with attainable download speeds of up to 40mbps. The 4G version that is rolled out in India is Long Term Evolution or LTE.

Online money transactions, purchasing of products, video streaming and just about anything on the internet is faster with 4G. It is best for people who rely on their mobile phones and laptops for every small thing. As the speed is furiously fast, tasks can be performed more efficiently. Consumers who use their phone for calling and messaging services and their laptops to check mails and play games, 4G might not surprise you.

The glitch in all of the 4G hype in mobile phones is that to use this service, consumers need to own a 4G LTE enabled phone. So to deal with the increasing demand, phone manufacturers have been mass producing affordable 4G phones in India with the cheapest being for only Rs. 7000. Network and Internet providers are now in the race of implementing affordable 4G plans, as these will broaden their customer base. If you’re purchasing a 4G phone abroad then be warned that it may not work in India. As the bands in which 4G is being rolled out is Band 3 (1800 MHz) and Band 40 (2300 MHz). Other countries utulize different bands and the phones are also designed the same way.

But 4G is not limited to merely mobile networks. One of India’s leading broadband companies has also acquired 4G spectrum in 5 different sectors and is looking to capitalize on the same. Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Networks has also invested in 4G spectrums and has acquired the rights for sectors such as Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh East, Uttar Pradesh West and Haryana. With this, the company plans to expand its already growing portfolio and ensure that its consumers get the best available services. As such, the company’s numerous already existing internet plans are sure to rise!

The advent of 4G is sure to create a revolution in India. India’s internet market will definitely see a surge in the coming years.          

Friday, April 10, 2015

New Broadband Plans from Tikona

With steady increase in number of Internet users in and growing demand for faster, cheaper, and more reliable broadband Internet services, Tikona Digital Networks has come up with four new broadband plans to enable more and more Internet users to enjoy unrestricted connectivity and faster download speeds at affordable prices.

The broadband plans offered by Tikona can be divided into five categories:
  • Light usage
  • Medium usage
  • Heavy usage
  • Flexi usage
  • SOHO  

Light Usage

Tikona’s light usage category of plans has a total of three plans with a fourth new one best suited for people looking towards one in the medium usage category. These plans are best suited for people who mostly use the internet for browsing, reading the news, social media, etc. What Tikona offers you in these plans is fast speeds at a very competitive price point. Read on to learn more about these plans.

This category has been introduced for Internet users whose usage pattern centers on browsing, email, chat and light downloading. The plans under this category are:

a.       1 MBPS, 10 GB @ Rs. 450 plan

This plan enables users to enjoy download speeds of up to 1Mbps for a maximum limit of 10 GB data usage (download + upload) in a month.  After the primary limit has been reached, downloads shall take place at 512 Kbps. This plan is available at a monthly fee of Rs. 450 along with a one-time installation charge of Rs. 750. The fees are not inclusive of service taxes.

b.      2 MBPS, 12.5GB @ Rs. 500 plan

Those opting for this plan can download speeds of up to 2Mbps for a maximum limit of 12.5 GB data usage in a month.  Download speed is cut to 512 Kbps after the monthly limit is exhausted. This plan is available at a monthly fee of Rs. 500 along with a one-time installation charge of Rs. 750. The fees are not inclusive of service taxes.

c.       4 MBPS, 15 GB @ Rs. 600 plan

The fastest plan in the light category, this option allows downloads at 4 Mbps with a monthly download limit of 15 GB. Post-limit speed is cut to 512 Kbps. Monthly fee is Rs. 600 while the installation fee is Rs. 750. The fees are not inclusive of service taxes.

The fourth new plan is a part of the medium usage category, which is ideal for those who have a monthly data usage requirement of between 25 GB and 50 GB.

d.      4MBPS, 30 GB @ Rs. 750 plan

The new plan offers higher speeds and a higher download limit as compared to the cheapest plan in this category. Those opting for this plan will enjoy downloads at 4 Mbps with a monthly data limit of 30 GB. As compared to the 2Mbps, 25 GB @ Rs. 700 plans, an additional payment of Rs. 50 per month will help users enjoy a 100% increase in download speeds and a 20% increase in data usage limit.

Further, Tikona has upgraded the remaining three medium usage plans, two heavy usage plans and four Flexi usage plans. The bundled usage under its heavy usage plans, and has increased the usage limit under its Flexi usage plans to enable the largest number of individuals to enjoy better value for the money paid for reliable high-speed Internet services.