Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Government's initiatives in the Broadband Internet Sector

There is a lot of buzz of Digital India and an emphasis on connectivity these days. But internet connectivity has been a major focus for many decades. It is in the 1970s that the government understood its importance and a committee for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) was formed. After which the focus has been growing.

In 1990s, initiatives like e-governance and e-commerce marked their presence. Later in 2000, an act known as Information Technology Act was formulated. With this, electronic signatures got recognition.

E-governance is an area which the government is keen on developing. It encourages interactivity with the people and leads to transparency in governance. It also helps in delivering low-cost, timely, effective and convenient services to the citizens. Besides, it reduces paperwork and helps the government to organize and manage its data well. Government has also come up with facilitation centers that promote internet and helps citizens connect with the authorities through this medium.

The present government is also taking many steps for the growth of internet in India. These steps taken by the governments are being extremely fruitful. Broadband in India is getting an important place. The government is trying to make additional spectrum and high speed available. The minimum speed of the broadband is now increased from 256 kbps to 512 kbps while the average connection speed is 2 mbps.

As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), September 2014, India consists of 13.6% of the total subscribers in the world with more than 950 million subscribers in the country. There is a growth over 10 million subscribers every quarter. India also ranks 4th in Asia for the highest number of new broadband connections. Besides in 2014, the rate of internet adoption in India was found to be 5 times more than in 2012.

This enhanced connectivity has further raised the hunger and need for internet amongst people. There is widespread popularity, increasing literacy, greater awareness and support from the government. These are the major factors that are attracting more people and increasing the customer base for broadband companies in India.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tikona Internet: An Internet package for everyone

Founded in 2008 by Prakash Bajpai, Tikona Digital Networks is one of the top Internet Service Providers in India. Tikona has also acquired the rare All-India Class-A ISP license from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.  A combination of affordable and fast internet plans along with great customer care and after sales service has led this company to more than 2.75 Lac customers including 6000 SMEs.

Tikona Reviews and Founder
Prakash Bajpai has a strong background in the telecomm industry; he is widely respected and also worked for Reliance Communications prior to founding Tikona. At Reliance, Prakash was instrumental in creating pre-paid PCO business, Big TV DTH services, enterprise wireless business and enterprise broadband business. While finding Tikona, Prakash’s goal was simple; he wanted to provide the people of India with an affordable internet plan and good after sales service.

Tikona offers affordable and speedy internet plans; the installation process is prompt which includes minimal fees. The packages range from Heavy usage to Light Usage. Following are the offer packages

  • Light Usage – Offers 5-10 GB of usage and 1-2 Mbps of speed with standard subscription and installation fees.
  • Medium Usage – Offers 20-30 GB of usage and 1-2 Mbps of speed with standard subscription and installation fees.
  • Heavy Usage – Offers 50-80 GB of usage and 2-4 Mbps of speed with standard subscription and installation fees. 

If the above packages don’t match the consumer’s criteria, he can opt for the ‘Plan Selector’ option. The plan selector option works like this –

  • The first step is to select your monthly budget that ranges from less than Rs 500 to more than Rs 1000
  • Next you have select your preference, either usage or speed.
  • The option then calculates your preference and budget and provides you with an appropriate plan.

One can also check the speed of the net by using Tikona Speed test.The installation process is prompt and you can immediately start to enjoy your new internet experience.