Thursday, January 29, 2015

Broadband Plans – A Gamer’s Perspective

I love gaming! I fell in love with it when I was a little kid. I remember bunking my tutoring classes to go to a play station parlor with my friends for a game of SmackDown! I was hooked! It has been the longest and best relationships that I have ever had. Now, you might look at me like just another nerd. But gaming, it liberates you. It gives a chance for a bespectacled, skinny, awkward looking geek to be a hero, do things I could never do and be someone I could never be.

Today is a momentous day, I have finally saved up enough to buy the new Xbox One. It’s gonna replace my Xbox 360 which I had for three years. Three beautiful years! Countless nights I have spent playing Call of Duty online. The guts, the glory, the exhilaration when you blow someone’s brains out with a clear head shot.

I have been preparing for this day since weeks. A new mount for my console, new bean bags and even a new internet connection for my marathon online gaming session. I had a 24 Mbps connection that gave only 40 GB of usage for 2199. I switched over to Tikona, it provides a whopping 250 GBs of data at Rs 2000 at a speed of 4 Mbps which is more than sufficient for my gaming needs. Most of the service providers just dangle the high-speed carrot to get customers on board. But if you are an avid gamer or have high internet usage, I would strongly recommend going for a Tikona connection.

The best gaming console plus COD: Advanced Warfare plus an unlimited Tikona internet connection equals an epic time. Good luck trying to get me out of my room for a week!

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  1. Could you please guide me on how to connect to xbox via tikona wifi