Thursday, January 29, 2015

Broadband Plans – A Gamer’s Perspective

I love gaming! I fell in love with it when I was a little kid. I remember bunking my tutoring classes to go to a play station parlor with my friends for a game of SmackDown! I was hooked! It has been the longest and best relationships that I have ever had. Now, you might look at me like just another nerd. But gaming, it liberates you. It gives a chance for a bespectacled, skinny, awkward looking geek to be a hero, do things I could never do and be someone I could never be.

Today is a momentous day, I have finally saved up enough to buy the new Xbox One. It’s gonna replace my Xbox 360 which I had for three years. Three beautiful years! Countless nights I have spent playing Call of Duty online. The guts, the glory, the exhilaration when you blow someone’s brains out with a clear head shot.

I have been preparing for this day since weeks. A new mount for my console, new bean bags and even a new internet connection for my marathon online gaming session. I had a 24 Mbps connection that gave only 40 GB of usage for 2199. I switched over to Tikona, it provides a whopping 250 GBs of data at Rs 2000 at a speed of 4 Mbps which is more than sufficient for my gaming needs. Most of the service providers just dangle the high-speed carrot to get customers on board. But if you are an avid gamer or have high internet usage, I would strongly recommend going for a Tikona connection.

The best gaming console plus COD: Advanced Warfare plus an unlimited Tikona internet connection equals an epic time. Good luck trying to get me out of my room for a week!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tikona’s Green Broadband Initiative

Tikona Broadband Network’s Wibro accessnetwork is among the finest in the country. The company has seen a lot of growth in the six years it has been in business. In a commitment to the environment, Tikona has ensures that its activities are environmentally friendly. Not only that, but ensuring that it follows the mode of sustainability, the broadband company has also managed to reduced energy consumptions and costs associated with it.

Among competing broadband access technologies for mass deployment including DSL 3G and 4G, Wibro access network consumes lowest energy for each GB delivered. For each energy unit (KWH) consumed, Wibro delivers 98 GB as compared to DSL (30GB), 3G (1GB) and 4G (16GB).

Conversion to Carbon footprint is as per Recommendations on Approach towards Green Telecommunications -TRAI -April 12, 2011

Above calculation are specific to Power consumed in various access Networks and excludes core network and CPE/Mobile Phones .For a service provider, approximately 70 per cent energy is consumed due to access network and balance in Core Network & Datacentre/Switching centres.

In cellular wireless networks (3G/4G), BTS (Base Transreceiving Station or Base station) is the main energy hungry component which consume maximum energy. Within base station, a huge amount of energy is wasted in the power amplifier and through the antenna feeder cable. In DSL networks, power is consumed in DSLAM and is wasted in copper loops. Below Table summarises Power consumed by Access Node per subscriber

Source: Power Consumption in Telecommunication Networks: Overview and Reduction Strategies” - Communications Magazine, IEEE  (Volume:49 ,  Issue: 6 )

In comparison, Wibro network Access Network consumes 0.38 W/Sub due to Low Transmit powers (1W), direct antenna coupling and directional Antennas in each segment, energy wastage is minimised making WiBro as Greenest Broadband access technology.