Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tikona Customer Support - Write your Review, Testimonial, Feedback, etc

Tikona caters to a wide customer base. Operating in 25 Indian cities, the company has grown at a fast rate since its inception in 2008. One of the main things the company has always taken into account is the kind of feedback it has received from users. This page is for users of Tikona’s Broadband services to post reviews, user experiences and grievances (if any). We welcome any feedback you may have about our products or services.

You can contact Tikona in many ways such as:

Customer Care (Toll-Free No.) - 1-800-20-94276
Technical Queries: 022-6174 9700
Non-Technical Queries: 022-6145 7900

A unique aspect of Tikona’s stellar customer service is its on-call technical support team. It saves field visits and provides speedy resolution of most of the technical issues that can be resolved over the phone. However, some issues can only be resolved with an actual visit. In such cases, the engineers arrange a convenient time that’s suited to the subscriber. Additionally, the customer service center sends the users information about the visiting engineer beforehand through an SMS.

On-Call Tech Support (technical Hotline): 022-40629629

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