Friday, December 29, 2017

Why Wi-Fi Is Needed in Schools?

Since the past few years, there have been raging debates regarding the installation of Wi-Fi in schools. Many of the anti-Wi-Fi advocates suggest that Wi-Fi should only be used for alternative internet access. However, the reality is that the latest generation smartphones, tablets and laptops don’t come with a separate port for a physical network connection. Hence the unavailability of Wi-Fi prevents a whole generation of technology from being used in classrooms. This is an avenue that teachers could utilise as the new generation devices such as laptops are more convenient for them as opposed to traditional computers. Moreover, the utility of Wi-Fi is not just limited to shiny new gadgets, it also enhances the teaching and learning experience. The teaching environment in a school using a laptop and a projector and Wi-Fi connectivity is a whole different experience for both teachers and students. Here’s why Wi-Fi should be installed in schools: -
  1. With wired connections, the access to internet is constrained to a certain physical location or area. In most of the schools, children are able to access the internet only at computer labs. Hence the online learning resources is restricted to the computer lab
  2. If Wi-Fi is available in the classrooms, new and effective learning practices can be adopted as internet becomes ubiquitous. With unlimited internet access teachers can use a variety of resources instantly and provide a comprehensive learning experience for the students
  3. With Wi-Fi enabled classroom, students can use school provided laptops for their projects any time they wish, without having to move to a computer lab for every minor task
  4. With each passing year, it’s been observed that more and more teachers are using internet-enabled devices to teach the children. According to government statistics around 73% of teachers are using mobile devices to aid teaching and learning. However, without Wi-Fi, it’s not possible to use mobile devices for teaching
  5. While the wired network was perfect for the old times, it is not adequate for contemporary teaching. Hence, Wi-Fi has become a necessity in the schools so that new and effective learning methods can be adopted for teaching and learning.

Leading internet providers in India such as Tikona Infinet Private Limited offers broadband services for all kinds of users. They are known to provide internet services to various educational institutes as well as business setups. The services provided by Tikona include secured Wi-Fi solutions for all types of businesses so that everyone can access the Internet on smart devices as well as keep confidential information protected from hackers. The best part about choosing Tikona Broadband is that it gives twice the coverage in comparison to a standard Wi-Fi network. The company also ensures quick installation with the internet plans being activated within 24 hours.

Other benefits of using Tikona are-
  • ·         Almost 100 percent uptime through Link Failover
  • ·         Media diversity over wireless last mile
  • ·         Effective bandwidth utilization through load balancing

Monday, December 4, 2017

Advantages of Leased Line Internet Connection

Leased line connections are quite common these days. While a broadband connection is great for home use, but when it comes to large-scale use in professional organizations such as colleges and offices, satisfying all the requirements becomes an issue. That’s where leased line internet connection comes into the picture. Leased line connections are the most preferred way of internet connectivity for large-scale data consumption. This connection offers seamless internet connectivity and high speeds even if the data consumption is very high. They are able to bear a heavy load as it uses a dedicated internet line which offers exclusive connectivity. A private connection is established by connecting the nearest internet nodal point near your premises with a dedicated optical fiber cable, copper line or a radio cable. Following points highlight why they are the most appropriate alternative for businesses-

Symmetric Connectivity

Leased line internet offers symmetric connectivity i.e. the speed of uploads and downloads will be same. The inconsistency of the download and upload speeds can critically affect vital business activities such as sharing files between two branches, hosting websites/mail servers, video conferencing etc.

Dedicated Connection

The internet speeds in a leased line connection are not affected by the internet traffic. If you have a leased line connection of 4mbps, you can enjoy the same speeds at all times. This is a huge advantage since in office spaces, there are bound to be multiple users at all times.

More Reliable

In case of leased line connections, the network parameters such as latency, jitter etc. can be monitored easily. As a result it becomes easier to offer SLA (Service Level Agreements) to the customer. This makes this type of internet connections more reliable.

Higher bandwidth

Leased line connections offer quite higher ranges of bandwidth. You can enjoy internet speeds more than 8 Mbps with leased line connections. Hence it is the most preferred mode of internet connection for large organizations with heavy internet usage.

Unlimited Usage

Leased line connections are generally offered under unlimited plans. Hence your business can add services such as video voice. This makes it incredibly useful for work purposes.
 As you can see, leased line internet offers varied benefits. You could enhance your business productivity with a highly efficient leased line internet connection. Tikona Infinet Private Limited exclusively offers leased line internet connection. What’s more, the pricing of those plans are competitive to the ones for the broadband plans, with the extra added benefits such as unlimited internet! As per the Tikona reviews of several subscribers, they offer leased line connection without causing any disruptions to your existing network. There are varied benefits of using their leased line services, few of which are-
  • Almost 100 percent uptime through Link Failover
  • Media diversity over wireless last mile
  • Effective bandwidth utilization through load balancing

So if you are considering getting yourself a good connection for your business purposes, this is a good and sensible choice to opt for.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Difference between MPLS and GMPLS

Both MPLS and GMPLS are closely related terms, hence it is easy to get confused between the two. This article will explore all the key differences between MPLS and GMPLS. Before exploring the dissimilarities, let us first understand the concept of MPLS & GMPLS and how they operate. 

How does MPLS work?

MPLS stands for Multiprotocol Label Switching. It is a protocol that shapes and speeds up network traffic flows. MPLS forwards packets at Layer 2 which is a switching level, rather than Layer 3 which is the router level. The key function of the MPLS is to tag the internet traffic with a label in order to distinguish the Label Switched Paths or LSPs. Once it tags the traffic, it determines the best link to forward the packets along with the label to use on the next hop. MPLS uses a different labels for each hop which is generally chosen by the router. This allows the implementation of simple and fast forwarding engines which are often executed in the hardware. 

How does GMPLS work? 

GMPLS stands for Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching. The GMPLS is conceptually similar to MPLS. However, it used as a physical property of data stream to comprehend which LSP it belongs to instead of using an explicit label to distinguish a Label Switched Path LSP at each Label Switched Router LSR. 

GMPLS is also used to establish Label Switched Paths for circuit traffic in addition to packet traffic. It uses the Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) link and Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) link to switch traffic on a continuous basis. This leads to well-organized application in the data plane with no per-packet lookups. Hence GMPLS is an ideal protocol to operate high bandwidth networks. 

MPLS and GMPLS Protocols

With MPLS only the forwarding mechanism is defined, therefore it uses other protocols to establish Label Switched Paths (LSPs). This task is performed by two separate protocols i.e. a signaling protocol and a routing protocol. Moreover, static provisioning can also be used establish MPLS LSPs. This can be done by configuring each network element with the appropriate transit/ingress/egress information.

MPLS and GMPLS Routing Protocols

The main function of the routing protocols is to distribute network topology information from the network so that the course of an LSP can be calculated automatically. Generally, interior gateway protocol, such as OSPF or IS-IS is utilized. This is mainly because MPLS networks normally covers a single administrative domain. Traffic engineering (TE) extensions are used to avoid any single point of failure and establish LSPs with guaranteed QoS characteristics. 
There are plenty of internet service providers that offer MPLS services as well. One of the best ones that you could choose is Tikona Infinet Private Limited for your work purposes. There are several reviews about Tikona to support that.
In India, Tikona Infinet Private limited is the leading provider of MPLS networking services. The company provides L3VPN, L2VPN MPLS Services on its VPN backbone, through its Pan-India POP footprint. With a Tikona Broadband, you can enjoy amazing benefits such as low cost, assured security and flexibility. Reviews of satisfied customers says that Tikona Broadband is a dependable ISP. Benefits of Tikona Infinet’s solution include:

  • Increased productivity through better network and application performance
  • Reduced network-related capital expenditures by leveraging Tikona Infinet’s Managed Network Services
  • Streamlined operations by providing a single point of contact across your network
  • Support for business growth by ensuring the scalability of your network
  • Ability to allocate critical IT resources to core activities while accessing Tikona Infinet’s deep network expertise and 24/7 support
  • Improved network control and bandwidth management for seamless communications

Some of the other Tikona home and enterprise solutions include secured office Wi-Fi, leased line internet connections, and more.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Latest Tikona Internet Plans

Tikona Infinet Limited is one of the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India. It is working towards the goal of creating a broadband-enabled India.

Tikona currently provides 25 of the top Indian cities with its wireless broadband services. It even has an Indian Class-A ISP license. This license was given by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

In order to build comprehensive services framework, Tikona has engaged with other technology partners. Together, they are trying to deliver quality voice, video, IT applications, and other multimedia content services through a broadband connection or an IP-centric network. These are small steps towards a digital India.

The company offers a number of interesting plans for its subscribers. They have launched new offers just recently that has three key features-
  • Pay for 60 days and get another 30 days on the plan for free
  • Pay for 5 months and get another month free on your plan (no installation charges applicable)
  • Pay for 10 months and get 2 more months free on your plan (no installation charges applicable)

What’s more, you could ask for a demo at your own house, before paying for it! Let’s take a detailed look at the internet plans-

No FUP Limit Plans-

These are the plans that do not have a FUP limit. Following table entails all the necessary details.

Data speed
3 Mbps
6 Mbps
Monthly plan charges** (in INR)
Subscription Amount* (in INR)
Plan Name

Daily Usage Dynamic Speed Plans-

The Daily Usage Dynamic Speed Plans give you daily data limits, after which the speed is reduced. They run on an intelligent network that offers a primary download speed of up to 10 Mbps depending on the data traffic and subscriber’s usage. A minimum download speed of 2 Mbps is always available. If the user crosses the Daily Usage Limit, the secondary usage speed will be 1 Mbps. The primary speed will be restored the next day with the renewal of Daily Usage Limit for the next day.

Data Speed
Monthly plan charges** (in INR)
Daily usage limit (GBs at primary download speed)
Subscription amount* (in INR)
Plan name

FUP Plans-

The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) Plans come with monthly limits and the speed reduces only after you have exhausted the data for your whole month.

Data speed
3 Mbps
6 Mbps
3 Mbps
6 Mbps
6 Mbps
6 Mbps
Monthly plan charges** (in INR)
Usage limit (GBs at primary download speed)
Subscription Amount* (in INR)
Plan Name


The subscription amount for all the plans are for a duration of three months. This includes an advance rental of two months, installation charges of INR 500, and applicable taxes. From the fourth month onwards, the subscriber will get an advanced bill with the monthly plan charges of their chosen plan.

* The subscription is inclusive of all taxes.
** The monthly plan charges are exclusive of all taxes.

Benefits of Tikona’s plans-

With its wide range of services, the ISP has become a popular choice across the country, evident from the several positive Tikona reviews from the subscribers. It’s broadband services not only offer value for money, but also several benefits. Some of them are:
  • ·         Make your life cable free with a Direct-to-Home (D2H) facility
  • ·         Ensure resistance to interference with Smart Antennas
  • ·         Get two times more coverage than standard Wi-Fi access points
  • ·         Get optimum Wi-Fi security with the WPA2 Enterprise encryption
  • ·         Pay only after the in-home demo is done
  • ·         Get faster delivery timelines
  • ·         Enjoy proactive service assistance
  • ·         Get easy site relocation and scalability

With so many benefits and attractive plans offered, you should definitely choose Tikona as your ISP, either for your home use or for your office work.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tips to Find the Best ISP for Your Business

In this globalized age, businesses need to communicate internally as well as externally to individuals and groups situated across a wide geographic area. For this, a good and quick Internet with a strong connection is a must. The Internet will help all the departments in your office including marketing, customer service, and more. Here are some tips for you to find the best Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Do some research-

Decide on the most-wanted features of your Internet connection. Be sure to do some research and keep records of this research in case needed for future use.

Find out the services provided-

Many ISPs provide different services in a variety of locations. While an ISP may provide a 3 Mbps Internet pack for INR 550 in Mumbai, it may not have the same pack for Delhi. Hence, it is best to ask your ISP about all their offers. If you have branches in other cities, you may want to ask your ISP about its plans in those places as well.

Find out the technology used-

While wireless internet is great to use in your organization, there are also other forms of connections you may use to access the Internet. These are:
Ethernet controls how data is transmitted over a LAN. It is also a good way to keep the entire organization connected.

Satellite Internet
While satellite Internet may be a little splotchy once in a while, it however provides for good Internet impulses.

T1 lines
T1 lines let you connect your entire business within one area network in order to perform smoothly.
What do you need to keep in mind while searching for an ISP?
While choosing your ISP, keep the following in mind:
The number of employees who will be using the Internet
For how long will they be using the Internet
What exactly will they be doing with the Internet? For instance, a Skype call will take a lot more data than sending an email.

Be it for work purposes or for home use, Tikona Infinet Limited and Home broadband services have something for all kinds of users, as mentioned by several subscribers in their review about Tikona. Their services include secured office Wi-Fi solutions so that you and your employees may access the Internet on smart devices as well as keep your office information from being acquired by hackers.

Tikona Broadband’s network gives twice the coverage in comparison to standard Wi-Fi network. The modems provided have smart antennas that prevent interference and as a result, increase Internet speeds. Tikona also ensures quick installation with plans being activated within 24 hours as per the convenience of the customer. Tikona Infinet Limited  also offers services like leased line internet connection, virtual private networks, secure office Wi-Fi, and others.